Elevated Software Development provides custom software development services. We are also the developer of fScanX®, native Mac OS® X software for Fujitsu high-speed document scanners. (For all fScanX support, .)

We bring exceptionally strong analysis, design, development, debugging, and people skills to each project, working directly with clients from the earliest stage of product conception all the way through implementation and years of extension and maintenance.

We take pride in delivering:

  • the greatest business value: by working with both management and users at all affected levels to ensure that we are examining all relevant problems and developing correct solutions to the right problems;
  • the highest technical quality: by designing clean and forward-looking architectures, developing robust implementations, and using the best tools for each job;
  • the most productive and pleasant user experience: by envisioning the best user interface possible and resisting unnecessary compromise.

(Sorry, we are not currently taking new work.)