15 Jun 2015 Release 1.8.11 of fScanX Home Edition Adds support for ScanSnap S500, S500M, S510, S510M scanners.
04 Aug 2014 Release 1.8.4 of fScanX® Adds support for fi-7160, fi-7260, fi-7180 & fi-7280 scanners.
09 Nov 2013 Release 1.8 of fScanX® Adds support for Retina displays to prover higher-quality scan previews; adds “flip pages” option for scanning documents damaged by staples; changes thresholding of black-and-white documents to easier-to-use density adjustment.
05 Jul 2013 Release 1.7.7 of fScanX® Adds “flip back sides” option for duplex documents which were printed “flip-chart” style; fixes bugs.
12 Jun 2013 Release 1.7.6 of fScanX® Home Edition adds support for Fujitsu ScanSnap fi-5110EOX, fi-5110EOX2, fi-5110EOXM, S1500 & S1500M scanners, and enhanced options for automatic threshold and duplex orientations.
04 May 2013 Release 1.7.5 of fScanX® fixes bugs.
10 Mar 2013 Release 1.7.4 of fScanX® fixes bugs.
23 Feb 2013 Release 1.7.3 of fScanX® fixes bugs and adds minor feature updates.
13 Jan 2012 Release 1.7.2 of fScanX® adds support for the Fujitsu fi-6130z, fi-6230z, fi-6140z & fi-6240z document scanners, along with several bug fixes. (See the press release.) Release 1.7.2 of fScanX Home Edition adds support for the Fujitsu fi-5110 document scanner. (See the press release.)
06 Sep 2011 Release 1.7 of fScanX® adds support for the Fujitsu fi-6800 & fi-5950 production document scanners. (See the press release.)
08 Aug 2011 fScanX Home Edition is released on the Mac App Store with support for the Fujitsu fi-6110 document scanner.
28 Jul 2011 Release 1.6.5 of fScanX® adds support for the Fujitsu fi-5530C & fi-4530C document scanners.
06 Sep 2010 Release 1.6 of fScanX® adds live preview during scanning. (See the press release.)
12 Apr 2010 Release 1.5 of fScanX® increases performance of color scanning. (See the press release.)
10 Feb 2010 Release 1.4 of fScanX® adds support for Fujitsu fi-6230, fi-6240, fi-4340C, and fi-6770 document scanners; adds Automator action. (See the press release.)
22 Oct 2009 Release 1.3 of fScanX® adds ability to append to existing files and better recovery from paper jams.