fScanX Automator Action: Scan to E-Mail

This example creates an application which scans a document, then creates a new email with that document attached.

Start by creating a workflow, choosing to create an application (like most of the prior examples). Add the fscanx action and configure it. You probably want to select the option "Show this action when the workflow runs" so that you have an opportunity to adjust scan settings each time the application is run.

Find and add the "New Mail Message" action by starting to type "new mail" into the search field, then dragging it into the workflow below the fScanX panel:

If you want, configure message defaults (of course, you could create several applications with different defaults):

When the "New Mail Message" action runs, if it receives a file as input, it will attach that file to the new message. We know this because it's explained in the action's information in the lower left of the workflow window:

Now save the application where you want it, and run it whenever you want to scan to e-mail.

Next: how to set up a "copier" application.