Macintosh Production Scanning Performance

This chart is mostly no longer relevant:

  • The time has long passed when many personal computers were not able to keep up with fast scanners.
  • Current versions of fScanX only support 64-bit Intel processors.


Mac Performance Limits (ipm)
1x G4@1.25gHz n/an/a26-478-16
1x G5@2.7gHz n/an/a3513-18
2x G5@2.7gHz n/an/a5027-31
1x Core2@1.83gHz n/an/a27-869-34
2x Core2@1.83gHz n/an/an/a18-72
Intel 4-Core n/an/an/a150-260
Intel 6 or More Cores n/an/an/a260+



  • An entry of n/a indicates the ability to run all supported scanners at rated speed, including production scanners (fi-6670, fi-6770, fi-5900C, fi-5950 & fi-6800).
  • USB 2.0 is required to scan at rated speeds for gray or color with any of these scanners, and for black-and-white for the higher-end scanners. USB 1.1 does not have enough bandwdith and at 300dpi will limit speeds to less than 60 pages (or images) per minute for black-and-white and gray, less than 20 pages (or images) per minute for color.
  • For most scanning, a minimum of 1GB RAM is recommended. The software is tested to be functional for 300dpi color duplex scanning with as little as 512MB RAM, but this is not recommended. If you are planning on using a scanner's long-document scanning feature in color, you will probably want at least 2GB RAM.