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Assign a Call to a Different Patient

You may associate an existing call with a different patient. First double-click the call in the list to display its details. Whenever a call detail window is the frontmost window, the "Call" menu is available.

The "Assign to Different Patient" menu item allows you to select a different patient for the call. Because the call can be seen by other people as soon as it is entered, we have to assume that someone might have seen it and acted on it while it was assigned to the wrong patient. So assigning it to a different patient does not simply switch the call to the new patient. Instead it:

When you choose to assign a call to a different patient, a dialog is displayed which lets you search for the new patient and record some information about the change. You must choose yourself on the popup so that there is a record of who reassigned the call. You may add an explanation of any unusual circumstances, but this is optional. (If you simply are correcting a mistake that was made because the two patients have similar names, you should leave the explanation blank.)

The original call will remain associated with the original patient but will be marked as "reassigned", and a copy of the call will be associated with the new patient. The reassigned status does not affect the sorting of the calls; they will be sorted according to the normal urgent/open/closed ordering. You do not have to re-open a closed call in order to assign it to a different patient. If you reassign an open call, the original call associated with the incorrect patient is closed, and the copy of the call associated with the correct patient is left open.

When you look at a detail window for these calls, the assignment is flagged in red to make it very obvious.

Of course a call can be re-opened after being reassigned.

Any changes to a call that are added after the reassignment are displayed after the reassignment notice, so that you know at what step the mistake was corrected.

Note that when working with an open call, you can make a normal contact entry and reassign it to a different patient at the same time. The program will do the "right" thing and perform the reassignment just before saving the other information, so that the new information will not be added to the call associated with the incorrect patient.

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