PedCard -> Patient Calls

Start a New Call

The "Start New Call" item opens the new call window, where you enter the data describing this call.

You must first select the patient. Entrer the name and/or birth date and press the "Tab" key. A list of possible matches will be displayed, with the most likely matches first, and the first match highlighted. If needed, select the correct patient by clicking on the name. Then click the "Choose" button.

The simplest call, one where a straightforward question is asked and answered in the same call, only requires this data to be entered:

The "Contact Name" is highly recommended any time that you don't talk to the actual patient, because for instance a year from now it may now be obvious whom "mom" referred to today.

The summary is intended for a description of the call which is short enough to display in a list of calls. Many simple calls can be completely described in the summary, but for more complicated calls you'll need to use the "Notes" for the complete description. The notes field is unlimited, and will scroll if you type more than can be displayed in the area provided.

If the call is complete, you simply click the "close window button", and the call will be saved and considered closed.

If you have not entered some required data or made some other error in entry, an error dialog will provide an explanation and give you a choice of discarding your entry or correcting it.

If a call is not completely handled, you check "Further Action Needed" and under "Assign to" choose the staff member who needs to handle the next step. It is perfectly acceptable that you may often choose yourself to handle the follow-up. In addition to assigning the call to a specific staff member, you can assign the call to "Nurse Taking Calls".

The "Caregiver is Anxious" checkbox is really just informative for the person who follows up. (As such is intended to mean the caregiver was anxious at the end of the call and is présuméd to still be anxious--their state at the beginning of the call is not relevant if you get them calmed down.) The "Medically Urgent" checkbox will cause the call to be sorted to the top of the list of calls for the person to whom you assign the call.

If the person to whom you assign the call can be paged through the UAB Radio Paging web site, the "Send Page" checkbox will be enabled. If you check "Send Page", then the pager message will be filled in with a default message and will be enabled so you can edit the message. After the call is saved, the status of the page operation ("paging", "paged", or "page failed") will be shown in the "Monitor Patient Calls" window as the page operation progresses.

If you want the call to come back to you after being handled by the person to whom you're assigning it, you can choose yourself under the "Request Reply to" popup. If you do this, then when the next person handles the follow up, it will default to having "Further Action Needed" checked, with you chosen under "Assign to". In other words, this is a way to tell the next person: "I want to follow up when you are done." This is a notice, not a requirement, so the person to whom you assign the call can change the defaults and assign the call to someone else, or assign it to no one and close it.

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