PedCard -> Patient Calls

View Details of a Call, Update a Call

To see the details of any call in the list, or update an open call, just double-click it in the list. (Note that currently you must click on some actual text on the line; double-clicking blank space will do nothing.) The detail window for an open call includes both the call history, and data entry areas to update the call. Just as with a new call, when you click the close window button your entry will be saved.

You can pull up a call just to look at it and don't have to enter anything at all. But do remember that if you make a choice for "Handled by" and then close the window without making any other changes, that will close the call.

When you pull up the details of a call, the history area shows the accumulated contributions of all staff who have handled the call. When you save a call without designating "Further Action Needed", the call is closed. If you want to close an open call without really updating any information, you must at least choose yourself even if you don't make any notes, so that there is a record of who closed it.

The detail window for a closed call just shows the history.

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