Patient Progress Notes & Intra-Office Messaging

This is a client/server application which easily supports efficient patient-related communication between staff members, while neatly capturing them into the medical record. In a way it resembles an in-house email system, but its usefulness goes far beyond that because:

  • Communications are associated with the patients' electronic medical records;
  • Multiple notes on the same issue are managed together as a unit;
  • Notification is instant; when something happens that requires your attention, it appears on your screen.
This program is best described by examples illustrated with screen shots, so I've posted the program's on-line help. Please note that:
  • these are the real help files, not modified in any way, so they appear without the navigation outline shown elsewhere on this site;
  • this functionality is part of a larger program so there are links to a top-level "PedCard" document which is not accessible from this site;
  • for this customer most of the medical record is stored in an old application (that we are slowly migrating away from), which is why there is an "Integration with the Scheduler" section.

View the help.