Scott Ribe

34922 Pine Ridge Rd
Golden CO 80403
(303) 579-4899


Bachelor’s, Computer Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  • Decades of experience as a software developer working directly with customers and end users.
  • Effective solutions delivered on many platforms using many languages and tools.


C/C++/Objective-C design and programming, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Macintosh application development, database design, implementation & administration.

Full life-cycle development, from initial concept and planning with client, through system design and architecture, implementation, deployment, evolution, administration and maintenance over the long-term, and in some cases migration across multiple generations of technology. This encompasses many design & coding skills, database administration (configuration, deployment, upgrades, change management, tuning, backup, replication & disaster recovery), and end-user support.

New Skills

I have chosen Ember.js for the front-end of new web development and am currently working to master it. I have not found as clear a choice for the data persistence and back-end layers; I am evaluating options (Rails, Node.js, Elixir/Phoenix/Erlang, Go, C++) and experimenting with building my own.

The time is right for a new generation of web applications—browser support for HTML5 and ECMAScript5/6 now provides the foundation for applications that are more highly interactive & reactive than ever. I have the advantage of deep experience with event-driven reactive development outside of web applications, and intend to leverage that in web development going forward.

At the same time, I'm starting to take advantage of C++11/14 in my high-performance data-manipulation and back-end projects.




Elevated Software Development, Inc.

My experience includes a variety of projects, some long-term with multiple phases. Because of the overlap & interleaving between projects, a strict chronology would be very complicated. So here are brief descriptions of my most significant work:
  • Present: web-based access to the Electronic Medical Records system (described next); applying the most modern web development tools to develop more highly interactive & reactive features. (University of Alabama, School of Medicine, Division of Pediatric Cardiology)
  • 2001 - Present: Second generation of Macintosh multi-user application for patient scheduling, and management of medical transcriptions and patient records—migrated from older technologies to Cocoa/Objective-C++ client, PostgreSQL backend (with replication for disaster recovery), and custom high-performance workflow-oriented middleware. Wrote scanner drivers and front-end software for bulk scanning of medical charts. (The document management portion of this all-Mac system now manages a few million files comprising a few terabytes.) Updated the full-text index & search with more capable version by integrating Lucene at the server. Automated document transfer with other hospital systems via file transfer & HL7; sophisticated Microsoft Word integration; automated faxing. (University of Alabama, School of Medicine, Division of Pediatric Cardiology)
  • 2004 - Present: Continued evolution of fScanX scanning utility (Macintosh support for Fujitsu document scanners)—support for scanners at 250+ full-color images/minute, Automator action, refined image processing, 64-bit migration, and numerous features. (In-house product development)
  • 5/2011-9/2013: Retired the custom web application server I wrote in the 1990s, and replaced the radio paging web application based on it with a thorougly updated version based on Ruby on Rails, with a PostgreSQL backend (with replication for disaster recovery), and modernized AJAX/JavaScript/CSS front end. (University of Alabama at Birmingham, Division of Radio Paging)
  • 11/2011 - 4/2013: Developed Ruby on Rails web application for consolidating (for research purposes) a multitude of data on pediatric cardiac intensive care patients, using AJAX and extensive Javascript/JQuery. (University of Alabama at Birmingham, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care)
  • 6/2011 - 8/2011: Hired and managed small team of student developers working on a sophisticated document management product. (In-house product development)
  • 6/2008 - 8/2008: Hired and managed small team of student developers to deliver 2 Ruby on Rails applications and new features in fScanX. (In-house product development)


Prior to 2008

Consulting Software Developer


Implemented software including custom and commercial, full applications and libraries:

  • Macintosh Classic OS client in C++, to a Java 2 server via a custom bridge designed to provide "natural" access to Java objects and methods from C++ via JNI.
  • Simple Macintosh bi-plane cineangiogram viewer.
  • Cross-platform core web server and application server libraries for web-enabling database applications.
  • Cross-platform (Windows & Macintosh) utilities for monitoring of web pages and FTP directories for new and modified files.
  • Windows client/server application to manage granting of CME credits.
  • Customized Macintosh-based WWW server to provide radio paging via the Internet.
  • 16-bit Windows DLL database engine with full-text search for Visual BASIC.
  • Macintosh application to manage reviews of medical literature, with full-text search.
  • Macintosh multi-user application to automate the collection of reviews of medical literature and their processing into print and electronic formats.
  • Macintosh applications for sales planning and forecasting for the national accounts team of a Fortune 500 company.
  • Macintosh multi-user application for patient scheduling, and management of medical transcriptions and patient records.
  • Macintosh multi-user application to support purchase, inventory and sale of reclaimed metals.
  • Macintosh multi-user purchasing application for a university bookstore.
  • Macintosh grammar reference desk accessory for a publisher of college textbooks.
  • Macintosh application to support personalized mass mailing for fund raising.
  • Macintosh application to track experience of ophthalmology residents and produce accreditation reports.
  • Macintosh multi-user application for patient tracking in a small emergency room.
  • Several developer tools for 4th Dimension, both Macintosh and 32-bit Windows.

Senior Application Engineer

MIQS, Inc.

One of a team of 3 senior software developers working on an innovative product in the medical informatics market. Our product's quality and functionality seriously beat competitors with orders of magnitude more staff and funding, but in the end market and management problems prevailed. I had the standard list of responsibilities: fixing old code, designing and implementing new modules, working to develop technology strategy for the future.

System Analyst

National Bank of Commerce

Analyzed data processing needs; evaluated available software; designed, budgeted and installed a small network connecting PCs, remote printers, and mainframes; developed software including: multi-threaded spool redirector to provide remote printing services under OS/2; Macintosh application to track activity of asset-based credit lines; HyperCard XFCN to implement complete Regulation Z APR calculations.

Marketing Software Specialist

Rise Technology, Inc.

In high-tech startup company creating integrated imaging/publishing systems, worked closely with customer service, sales, engineers, prospects and customers. Software projects focused on communications, networking, data translation, and a small amount of image processing.

Freelance Programmer &
Retail Sales and Support


Retail sales, customer support and training, technical problem solving. Developed applications for: production of physical therapy schedules; tracking of pacemaker recipients and income from heart-lab services; sales tracking for a beverage distributor; tracking and prediction of gasoline sales and purchases; graphic aid for the design of precision-fabricated sheet-metal products; data conversion and communication.