fScanX - Home Edition - Personal Document Scanning for Macintosh


Scan documents at 20 pages per minute on Macintosh®!

Start scanning immediately after buying on the Mac App Store!

fScanX® Home Edition is easy-to-use software for macOS® and the Fujitsu fi-4120C, fi-4120C2, fi-4220C, fi-5120C, fi-5220C, fi-5110 & fi-6110; and ScanSnap fi-5110EOX, fi-5110EOX2, fi-5110EOXM, S500, S500M, S510, S510M, S1500 & S1500M document scanners.

  • Targeted to home users & slower scanners, less expensive than fScanX for higher-speed scanners ($39.99);
  • Scan single- or double-sided, black-&-white or color or grayscale, to multi-page TIFF or PDF files;
  • Use the included Automator action for easy automation of your common scanning tasks.

Screen shot of fScanX GUI application.

fScanX Home Edition supports only these specific entry-level Fujitsu scanners: fi-4120C, fi-4120C2, fi-4220C, fi-5120C, fi-5220C, fi-5110, fi-6110, fi-5110EOX, fi-5110EOX2, fi-5110EOXM, S1500 & S1500M.
For support of higher-end scanners (up to 135 pages per minute) fScanX is available.